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A Light roast, often called a breakfast roast, is relatively high in caffeine and provides a fast, smooth cup of coffee in the morning.  However, the light roast does not bring out the full aroma, flavor, body  and character  of a fine coffee.

Our Medium Roast coffee is the perfect interpretation of the perfect coffee roast. Robust in body, deep flavor, bursting with aroma and acidity.  medium roast coffee is the most well balanced of roasts. It has good body, lowered acidity, complex aroma, integrated, elegant, charismatic, with average levels of bitterness.  We subscribe to the idea that the best roast is the one that maximizes all the "origin character" of the coffee ... that reveals the maximum degree of quality that identifies the unique character of the place the coffee is from. This is usually associated with a medium roast, which is often a bit less attractive in appearance than a Full City roast where the color of the coffee is more even and the beans have reached a greater expansion. But once again, we judge coffee by the cup quality, not by its handsome appearance as roasted or raw seeds. 

Coffees roasted to a greater degree to have "roast character" that often eclipses "origin character". This coffee is roasted in a particular "style" where the origin of the coffee becomes secondary to the flavors of the roast. At some point as the roast "darkens" it really doesn't matter much what the "origin character" of the coffee was.

All of our roasted coffee is heat sealed in high quality, heavy duty, stand up bags with one way valves for absolute freshness. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the finest beans roasted in small batches to meet each order.  That means that each batch of coffee is custom roasted to order and packaged by hand. This ensures your coffee is truly the freshest, best tasting coffee for your cup.

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