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Peaberry Costa Rican Coffee

Fresh Roasted Peaberry Costa Rican Coffee
The ultimate indulgence! 

"Can a coffee be too perfect? That's the criticism leveled at the coffees from Costa Rica - too balanced, too clean, too mild."
Sweet Maria's coffee cupping reviews

An offering of:  Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Peaberry Coffee

100% Arabica  • SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) • Shade Grown  • Hand Picked • Sorted for the Hardest Peaberry Beans • More Than Fair Certification  • All Natural, No Preservatives  • One-year shelf life  • Sustainable Growing Practices • One way valves for absolute freshness

Fresh Roasted Peaberry Costa Rican Coffee
 We roast your coffee within 24 hours of shipping.  This way you received the best coffee for your cup possible! 
Taste the Difference of Fresh Roasted Coffee!
Costa Rican Coffees are known to be full-flavored, with lively acidity, and are very fragrant and tangy.
We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the finest beans roasted in small batches to meet each order.  That means that each batch of coffee is custom roasted to order and packaged by hand. This ensures your coffee is truly the freshest, best tasting coffee for your cup.

Taste the Difference of Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Fresh Roasted
Roasting Date on Each Bag
Robust in body, deep in flavor, bursting with aroma Roast -

100% Costa Rican Coffee

1 Pound (16 0z.) (CRPB) $15.98 + S/H

Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry: Your typical coffee fruit (cherry) has two beans in it. The peaberry has a single, uniquely small roundish coffee bean that consistently produces a more robust and intense flavor than regular Costa Rican beans.

Trade - More Than Fair Certified

Coffee with hulls drying in the sun©The ultimate indulgence!  Peaberry coffee beans get their name from how they grow. The  typical coffee fruit (cherry) has two beans in it, but some times the cherries form with a single bean. This is called peaberry coffee. The peaberry's uniquely small roundish coffee bean produces wonderfully balanced coffee and is considered a higher quality. Peaberries are a rare and natural variation of Costa Rican Coffee beans - they account for only 3% to 5% of the entire Costa Rican Coffee crop.

Coffee with hulls/husks drying in the sun©





Hand Crafted for the best beans. All coffee beans are handpicked, selected for the hardest beans, sun dried, processed & packed on the farm, then shipped to the United States for custom roasting. When the coffee is processed and packed on each farm, you are assured of pure regional coffee, not a blend or mix of coffees from several farms!

Custom Roasted for GMHP by Cafe Cortez. After selecting only the best coffee beans, we roast them in a consistently perfect manner with techniques approved by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America).

Fresh Roasted: We typically roast your coffee within 24 hours of shipping.  This way you received the best coffee for your cup possible!  Packaged in 8 ounce,

Arabica, High-Altitude, Hand-Picked, Strictly Hard Bean, gourmet coffee, processed under the most rigid quality standards. Our Arabica coffees comes from a more delicate, higher-altitude tree which grows at a lower temperature and receives only 2 hours of direct sunlight a day. The Arabica bean is harder and has a denser aroma. We roast our coffee with the most advanced roasting techniques to ensure the best final product. We only import coffee from the most recent crop, which makes a real difference in both taste and aroma.

Cafe Cortez is a 3rd generation Costa Rican coffee company. The family has known and loved coffee and the land since birth. This honor of their land and country have let them to respect and protect the environment and use sustainable growing practices as well as respect their workers and pay them a fair wage, as reflected in their More Than Fair Certification.


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