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Vulcan Azul Honey Coffee

Nuances of Smooth Yellow Honey, Aged Rum

*There are two main processes for removing the flesh of the coffee cherry from the seed so that it can be dried. In a typical wet process the flesh is first removed, then the coffee seed is dried. The natural process, also known as the dry process, involves drying the coffee fruit whole before removing the flesh. The honey process involves components of both methods. Honey processing does not involve honey. The roasted beans you grind and brew are only the seed of the coffee fruit. The sticky, sugary layer beneath the skin is called the mucilage. In honey processing the skin is removed but the mucilage is left on the seed to dry. It is the sticky texture and the golden amber color of the mucilage reminiscent of honey that led coffee producers to name this method the honey process

Drying the mucilage on the bean allows it to be mechanically removed without requiring the water consumption of a final wash. Honey processing imparts unique flavors and aromas to the coffee. Some of the most exciting flavors and aromas of great coffee are created during the fermentation of pectin and sugars found in the mucilage. The honey process capitalizes on this stage and imparts unique flavors which can turn an unremarkable coffee into a truly great one

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